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UPCEA eDesign Collaborative ThinkTank Roadshow: Oregon State University (Virtual)

Friday, September 21, 2018 (1:00 PM-3:00 PM)

Oregon State University
September 21, 2018
Theme: Multimedia Dev

The two previous ThinkTanks were in-person events with virtual options. In the interest of varying the delivery of the ThinkTanks and providing more opportunities for eDC members, this ThinkTank is entirely virtual. This is a two hour event where we get to know a new university team and have a working session together.

Oregon State University Ecampus provides full service instructional design for faculty developing online courses, including multimedia development. Join us for a showcase of recent projects including interactive video, Learning Glass video, 3-D scanning and animation, and our award-winning 3-D microscope that allows students to manipulate microscope controls and see the results with actual slide photography. Following the showcase will be a panel discussion with this creative team, focusing on technologies used, design processes, and storyboarding media projects. In a one-hour working session, you will work on story-boarding a media project. Finally, we will wrap up with time for Q&A and sharing key takeaways.learn more...

2018 UPCEA Central Region Conference

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 - Friday, September 28, 2018
St. Louis, MO
Come join us to hear incredible speakers share important, timely information on such topics as diversity initiatives, innovative educational technologies, the future of higher education, talent and workforce development, project management, state regulations, and alternative credentials.learn more...

SUPER 2018: UPCEA Mid-Atlantic & South Regional Conference

October 1-3, 2018
Rockville, MD
The unofficial theme of this year’s joint conference is—ta da! Education Superheroes! These days, superheroes are all the rage at the box office and everywhere else you look. We want to focus on the unsung heroes right in our midst. It’s us! Those of us in professional, continuing, and online education are the superheroes of higher education. In our pursuit to serve the non-traditional student, we wage war against the villains of the day: lack of resources, shortage of time, famine of ideas, and analysis paralysis – that evil fiend of too much overwhelming data and enemy of productivity.learn more...

2018 UPCEA West Region Conference

October 15-17, 2018
Long Beach, CA
Each year, our region gathers to learn, share, reconnect, and recharge. We discuss the finer points of program management, marketing, financial models, and industry trends. Through the Emerging Leaders Pre-Conference and countless informal opportunities, newer professionals have a matchless opportunity to pick the brains of some of the preeminent leaders in our field. We celebrate the faculty, staff, and programs that are innovating and making a difference in our divisions, campuses, and communities.learn more...

2018 UPCEA New England Region Conference

October 24-26, 2018
Providence, RI
The 2018 UPCEA New England Region Conference, OPEN for Business, focuses on the shifting priorities for institutions of higher education and today’s learner, expanding upon our more traditional programs to new, innovative programs that meet the needs of today’s learner, as well as providing practical training and educational needs.learn more...

2018 UPCEA Marketing and Enrollment Management Seminar

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - Friday, November 9, 2018
Long Beach, CA
Whether it’s a new marketing technique, CRM platform, or an enrollment strategy; we are looking forward to bringing together leaders and practitioners in professional, continuing, and online education marketing and enrollment management. We can’t wait to see you in Long Beach.learn more...


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